Fed up with diets? Trends? Fads? 


Confused as to what to eat? When to eat? How to actually feel comfortable in your body?

Wish there was a way to go out to eat without feeling the pressure to join in the overindulgence or the awkwardness of being the only one eating the grilled veggies?

Want to know the real reasons you're not at the weight you want? How to respect and love your body and accept all the pieces that make you you?

Food shouldn't be confusing. It shouldn't be hard. And while diet companies try their hardest to convince you that you need xyz calories and abc fats, the real work begins in the mind. 

Your mindset dictates what you eat, how you eat, when you eat. Your mind is the command center of E V E R Y T H I N G. Shouldn't you be focusing on adjusting your mindset before you to anywhere near a diet?

That's where I come in. Through my work with Intuitive Eating and the Biopshcyosocial Model, I connect the mind to the body and the food decisions you make every day. I lead you to uncover what's holding you back from reaching your health goals. The past stories *lies* you're letting make your decisions, how to shut out the external noise trying to tell you to EAT THIS, NOT THAT!, and how to finally cope with stress and shame and fear to eat the way that serves your body, your goals and your health. 

The best part? Nothing is off-limits! You can eat kale and cookies. Coconut water and chocolate milkshakes. But with the tools and coaching you'll receive with me you'll finally be the one in charge of making those decisions, weighing the options, and listening to what your body is craving. 



Want a quick look at how your diet and exercises stacks up?

Think you're eating a "well balanced" diet but not actually sure what that looks like?

Give me 3 days worth of food and exercise and I'll break it all down for you. Macros, micros, energy and recommendations for what to do to meet your goals!

This is a perfect way to gauge if you're ready for coaching or if you simply want to know where you stand and get the momentum you need to take back your health!

Investment: $15*

*intro pricing - prices will increase after July, 2018

Simply fill out the form on the right and we'll get started on getting you balanced!






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  • 6 one-hour coaching sessions*
  • diet audit + meal plan
  • S.M.A.R.T. goal setting
  • fitness + nutrition plans
  • stress-coping strageties
  • Paid in Full: $675

*virtual or in-person sessions. in-person will require an additional charge.

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