essential oils

About 5 years ago I was introduced to essential oils and was the most skeptical person on the planet about their usage, benefits, and especially about the business itself. I was in a place where I looking for help with my breathing. I've had asthma since puberty and was on medication for over a decade. Through running, nutrition and mindfulness I got to a place where my Dr was okay with me going off my medication but I still wanted something that made me feel like I could breathe just a little easier. So I tried the Breathe Again roller and had one of the easiest 11 mile runs of my life. 

If that could help, I figured I should try and find some other oils to incorporate within my life! As a busy mama of 3 (almost 4!), I started using the oils to help enhance sleep for the whole family, using it on my face and hair, cleaning supplies, helping with pregnancy nausea, and even adding it to recipes! I was embarrassed at how much I loved using the oils because I never wanted to be 'that person' who was just raving and raving about her essential oils but dang, I got real crunchy real fast and couldn't contain my love for these little bottles of wellness!

There are a ton of ways to start incorporating essential oils in to your life (like I briefly mentioned above) and the options are pretty much endless!


option 1 | Wholesale

Wholesale is honestly the best option for incorporating oils in your life. I highly recommend becoming a wholesale member with the Starter Kit for $160 for a handful of reasons:

  • 24% off retail prices
  • A referral link for friends + family 
  • No minimum order, fees or anything like that.
  • No pressure to sell EVER.

option 2 | Retail Customer

Being a retail customer is a great way to just begin to try an oil or 2 before jumping in with a Starter Kit.

  • No Starter Kit required.
  • Purchase whenever and how much you want (at a 24% higher price than wholesale).

option 3 | Build a business

Young Living is, to me, one of the most lucrative and supportive work-from-home business options out there. My team as an incredibly vast reach and with that comes with a ton of resources and support to help you build a business. 

Whether you're looking for a side income of a couple $100 a month, or to go big and bring in $10k a month, there is a space for you in this business.

I am truly an open book with essential oils (as with everything) so please if you have any questions email me and I will get back to you ASAP and follow along my oily Instagram page @essentialsbybri