“If you’re looking for a change within your body, health and lifestyle - connect with Bri - I promise, working with her to meet your goals is life changing. We’re not meant to do this journey alone.” - Lindsey C.

Bri Towne is the mama behind Hello Nourish, a wellness expert supporting mamas through pregnancy and beyond.

Hello Nourish serves as a base for Bri’s wellness practice for expecting and new mothers. Growing up, Bri was always on the smaller side. Teased in school and accused of having various eating disorders by classmates and doctors despite never suffering from such trials. Physicians prescribed daily candy bars and adding cheese to all of her meals. Later, when expecting her second child, her OBs said she wasn't gaining enough weight and again prescribed daily candy bars as well as protein shakes to gain weight. Somewhere deep down in the crevices of her soul, it didn't feel right.

Bri began to peel back the layers of healthy eating and proper prenatal nutrition and came to the stark realization that the physicians who've been telling her all her life to eat candy bars and extra cheese weren't trained extensively in nutrition. These medical experts were recommending courses of treatment that were outside their scope of practice and leaving young mothers like Bri confused and sick. So Bri attended graduate school at American University to study Nutrition Education with a focus on perinatal health. She saw the intricacies and connections between nutrition, pregnancy, the postpartum period and exercise and went on to study with the Mukti School and receive her yoga instructor certification specializing in perinatal movement and studied with Sarah Duvall for a certification as a postpartum corrective exercise specialist while pregnant with her 4th child.

Combining the hard science of nutrition, biology and the muscular system with the philosophy of yoga has allowed Bri to bridge the divide between the cold scientific jargon and the gentle approach to wellness mothers crave and translate that connection in a new way of approaching wellness. It starts with the mind, expands to the body and finishes with food. 

Welcome to Hello Nourish. Welcome to the journey.


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