Hiking Party of 5

i may have overdone it with all of the photos today but i couldn't help myself there's just so many cute ones! it's been so incredibly hot the last week or so and heading out to the woods with ample shade was just what the doctor ordered. 

the area we went to is right in our neighborhood and full of little paths, bridges, a stream, and even a little flower garden. it's not too big so we can explore pretty much all of it and not exhaust ourselves too much. although towards the end, charlotte had pretty much had enough. and teddy slept through the whole thing ;) 

there's an old fireplace/stove whatever right in the middle and we helped the kids climb up. i couldn't believe how brave william is becoming. he even climbed across a fallen tree across the creek! it was about 10ft above the water and i just couldn't believe it! 

these two are becoming the best of friends. usually they're fighting and totally frustrating but then moments like these happen and it's the best thing ever. 

thanks to the friendly woman and her doggie for snapping a family photo of us! not one with everyone looking, but we tried!

william and i have been spending a lot of 'special mama and william time' together and i think it's finally helping us become closer and more connected. holding my hand without prompting as we walked back to the car may have been my favorite part of the whole trip!