Life Lately

summer in ohio is certainly different from summer in southern california. for starters the weather is different ... ha! it's totally hot and humid and we're all taking some time to adjust. last week it was freezing and rainy and now it's 90 and so so sticky hot. but that's dayton, ohio for ya. never a dull moment ;) 

one morning i hopped on the bike, brad tossed the boys in the jogging stroller and we headed down to the park with a whole water world! i grew up just a couple of blocks from this park and i cannot believe how different it is. there used to be a little wading pool and a giant sand box and that's all gone! they've added all of this new water stuff and a whole new play area and it's incredible. honestly, a little too much happening for my taste, but the kids love it so i can't complain. 

it may be different and it may be a little more uncomfortable (i'm looking at you, mosquitoes) but we're pretty happy summer is finally here! winter was a rough time for us and we're happy to be back outside again!