photo by jenna cody

do you guys listen to country music? it's always on the radio in my car because (1) i can't stand listening to the little kid's tapes anymore and, (2) it's usually a pretty safe bet for little ears. anyway, kenny chesney has a new song called 'noise' and i can't get enough of it. if you haven't heard it yet, take a listen here right now!

can anyone relate? i can't take all of the noise anymore in my life. everywhere i go there's something pulling me in 10 different directions. even at home it feels as though there's so much going on. i went on a walk the other day without my cell phone and just took notice of what was going on around me. everything seemed to quiet down a bit and it was lovely ... except everyone else was nose deep in the cell phones. no one looked up as i passed, no one was talking to each other, it was eerily quiet. 

have you noticed that? try to stand in line at a coffee shop without whipping out your phone. when you pull in to the target parking lot just hop on out of the car and get your little ones without checking your notifications again. it's hard, right?? but that's how things are now. everyone is so caught up with all of the noise online it's hard to put it down. people live their entire lives online never even looking up to see what's around them.

i've fallen victim to this phenomenon as well. believe you me, i'm not exempt. i catch myself checking instagram or twitter far more often than i should. i'm always thinking of something to do with my online life be it this blog or some social media community or my job. but since everyone is online all the time, it's becoming increasingly difficult to back away. about four years ago i deleted my facebook page. it was a liberating moment for me and for about two years i was off the facebook hook. i loved it. and then i started doing direct sales and noticed that social selling was done a lot through facebook. so i got back on the train. and now it seems even harder to hop back off.

i've tried to do social media cleanses in the past: turn off the phone, delete the apps for a weekend or a few days. but it never seems to work. there's always something pulling me back in. i wish i had more willpower to stay away but with the temptation right there it's super hard, right? well i'm ready now, beyond ready, to take the plunge and leave facebook. it doesn't give me anything but anxiety anymore (what with the election heating up, controversial news stories). when did this social media platform become just a place for people to air their greviences? seriously, facebook used to be a place to catch up with friends, post silly things on their wall ... remember 'pokes'? maybe that's because i was in college when i got on facebook, but regardless, it's gone way downhill since then.

i want to read a newspaper without the nasty commentary from 2000 of my closest friends, sip my coffee without taking an artsy picture of it, share a fun video that someone actually has the time to watch. so there's my big long rambling blog post about all this noise. sorry if it went on too long or if i lost you at some point.