5 Essential Oil Recipes Every Mama Needs

essential oils for mamas

i love collecting essential oil combos and whipping them up with my little ones. around here pretty much everything can be helped/cured/supported/cleaned with essential oils and the kids are starting to take notice. william got a few bug bites last weekend and he ran in saying "mama can you put some oil on my bites!?" after we got him all fixed up, he helped me make an outdoor spray to help keep those little bugs away for good.

outdoor spray essential oils

outdoor spray

fill up an 8oz amber spray bottle with...

4oz witch hazel or vodka

5oz distilled water

10 drops each of lemon, lavender, cedarwood and citronella (these are the ones i use but there's plenty more that are great for an outdoor spray)

bug bite soother essential oils

bug bite soother

10 drops each lavender, lemon, peppermint 

fill the rest of the roller with a carrier oil (such a coconut or young living's v-8)

i love this one for respiratory support as well and william loves rolling it on his feet and chest every morning.

when the little ones are particularly anxious and excited at bed time i get out the 'monster spray' and after we all have a good giggle, bed time is much easier. i spray once or twice on their sheets or a stuffed animal or even my shirt while we read stories and cuddle.

monster spray

fill a 2oz spray bottle with

3 drops each of lavender, cedarwood and gentle baby

top it off with distilled water and a splash of witch hazel

this next one is a recipe from my girl casey and it is so so dreamy. i roll it on every morning to help me kick through the day!

mama's favorite essential oil

mama's favorite

10 drops each of joy, valor and frankincense 

fill the rest up with v-8 or another carrier oil

exercise is my go-to stress reliever as a mama of 3 littles. i go to hot and sweaty yoga a few times a week and run as well. when my muscles get all achey and sore this roller gets a lot of use. brad says it's like an icy/hot patch without the nasty chemicals:

cool down

10 drops panaway

10 drops copabia

fill the rest with a carrier oil

BONUS! i always have a roller of diluted thieves handy. we roll it on our feet every morning and evening and after any activities that are particularly germy (gymnastics class, camp)