Co Sleeping - 2 Months

co sleeping | life by bri

so remember this post from way back before theodore was born? basically, we had decided to co sleep with theodore because of the snuggles, closeness and bonding. the long-term effects of other sleep methods are not something we want to deal with again. we, regrettably, did cry it out with william and i think it's going to be one of those parenting things that always haunts me. if i could go back and change one thing that would be it. it caused all of us so much pain and stress and i hate even thinking about those horrible months of him screaming and screaming.

but with theodore, we were in agreement that things were going to be different. we're almost 3 months in to our co sleeping journey and i, for one, am loving it. for the first few weeks he slept pretty much exclusively right up against me. making nighttime feedings a piece of cake and giving me endless newborn snuggles. i know that the both of us slept better this way than we would have apart. i didn't really feel the new baby sleep deprivation until the second week or so because i barely woke to nurse and then we just fell right back to sleep. 

after about the second or third week, we got in to a routine where i would nurse teddy, brad would burp and change him and then the two of them would fall asleep together giving me a little space and daddy some extra snuggle time. often teddy falling asleep in his armpit or on his chest. it was incredibly adorable. but somewhere around the 6-8 week mark one night theodore started off in his bassinet at bed time and after his nighttime feeding brad put him back in there for the remainder of the night. teddy had been fussy and restless a bit sleeping between us and seemed to have trouble getting back to sleep after his feeding. most nights now, he sleeps in the bassinet at the foot of our bed until his 6am feeding. we do this one lying down and then usually both fall back asleep that way; him for a few hours and me until i hear the pitter-patter of little feet coming down the hallway.

i love sleeping with theodore but it's clear that he's more comfortable on his own. i'll hold on to those early morning snuggles as long as i can, but i know moving him to the bassinet is what's best for him and all of us. brad was starting to get a little flustered with theodore's restlessness and now we all sleep a little better. we still have one feeding at night around 3am but i think he's ready to sleep through the night. it's coming soon but i'll take the 7 hour stretch in the first part of the night for now! 

i'm totally aware that sleep training/location/etc is not fully responsible for a baby's sleep habits. i know some babies have a predisposition to sleep better than others and that other factors weigh heavily in this realm. but i'm also very confident that a major contributor to theodore's amazing sleep habits is our co sleeping in the beginning. i also think it's an incredibly valuable tool for bonding with daddy too since they often don't get that kind of closeness especially with breastfeeding mamas. 

i have truly loved our time co sleeping and any chance i get i'll put him down in our bed and climb in for some snuggles. i know it's not for everyone but i wish i could have done it with all of my babies! i can't imagine any other way.