Surprising Parenting Books

when william was born we didn't really read many parenting books. before or after his birth we were kind of flying by the seat of our pants. we read one book recommended to us by a neighbor (we quickly dropped this book and it's entire teachings since it didn't jive with our personalities) but other than that we just did our own thing. and that worked well for a while. having one kid is kind of easy ... kind of. but when we had charlotte just over a year later we started to get in to some more parenting books. the interesting thing is, we have been reading books about parenting, not child rearing. books geared towards making better parents, not better children. these kinds of books i find much easier to get behind because i'm not a fan of someone telling me how to raise my kids. tell me i'm not the only one?? 

i wanted to do a quick roundup of the books i've been reading over and over for the past year or so. some old, some new, some you wouldn't ever think of as 'parenting books' but once you look a little closer you'll see where i'm going with this ...

simplicity parenting - this book is geared more towards parents of older children (7-10) but a lot of the principles are relatable to smaller kids. i mentioned this book previously when talking about purging the endless piles of toys in the house but the other ideas of just lessening everything in life have stuck around too.

you are a badass - this book may not seem like a parenting book but as someone who is very influenced by what others think/say/do i found it totally empowering. basically telling the reader to live their own life and not care what others think. but my biggest takeaway and the thing i use most with my little ones is the power of positive thinking and giving more of myself and knowing i'll get it back.

sage living - okay another one that you're probably thinking 'huh?' well this one totally relates back to simplicity parenting on the topic of lessening. this book is, on the surface, a 'home decor' book but it's so much more than that. it's a narrative on finding your own personal style, getting rid of things that don't give you joy and going with what makes you happy and functions well. tell me that doesn't relate to parenting. just try ;) 

the childhood roots of adult happiness - the name says it all. who doesn't want their children to grow up to be happy adults?!

how children succeed - this book is apparently THE book to read. brad was actually the one to pick it up and i'm so glad he did.

wellth - i'ma big fan of wellness and health and this book is a really great motivator to eat better, move better and live better. as a parent it's easy to put your little ones first but i'm a firm believer in taking yourself first. if i'm not happy and healthy there's no way my kids will be too. 

so we may be a little late to the parenting book game, but i'm devouring these and more every chance i get. i love reading and when it's something that's informative, inspiring and useful all the better! (although i do throw a good fiction in there every now and then to spice things up) i think traditional 'parenting books' have their place, but they all seem to contradict each other in some way or another. i really encourage myself and others to find their 'parenting style' through experiences or in unexpected places like books on home decor ;) 

what have you been reading lately?