A New Direction

blogging is weird. 

i can't really explain the connection i have to this little space but it's there and it's hard to stay away from. it's been a really nice summer without the stress of finishing up a blog post looming over my head and i've been able to get out of my head a bit and live a little more. but this space, well it keeps calling me back.

over the past few months of not blogging, our household has made a lot of changes. from composting to getting rid of the television, we're on a more sustainable, green, conscious path and i absolutely love it. sometimes finding the most 'green' products out there or the best DIY dishwashing detergent (still looking for that one. help a sista out if you have one!) is like a little game. and every time i reach under the sink for my homemade countertop cleaner i feel a little pride, a little relief and a whole lot of good. because not only is my wallet a little fatter (figuratively speaking of course. who uses cash anymore?) from all the pennies we're saving by making so many of our own things, but i feel comfortable knowing i'm doing my part to make the earth a better place for my children and their children.

and as i step off my (vegan and organic) soapbox, i find myself back at my laptop, wanting to share this journey with strangers and friends on the internet. not because i have all the answers or because i've totally nailed it with composting but because when i started this journey i found myself looking at blogs for guidance. and if i can give even just a smidge of guidance to someone looking to start a more conscious, green lifestyle, then i will. i love writing and taking photos and sharing and, well, everything blogging has to offer. and i hope my readers will appreciate this shift in content as much as i have.

we'll still be sharing snippets of everyday life around here. less focused on my littles as individuals and more of us as a family. i'll be documenting some mental health and wellness pieces of my life, fitness and how we, as a family, have transformed our lifestyle to be far more conscious in every aspect. we're still babies on this journey but we're all in. we're not perfect, we slip up, skip workouts, sleep in, stop at mcdonald's to stop tantrums. we're real. and i hope that getting a glimpse in to our journey will help someone out there start and feel more comfortable in theirs.

so welcome back, friends!