Sleep Regression

something magical happened when theodore was about six weeks old: he slept through the night.

and continued to do so for the next few months.

6 month sleep regression - how to deal

then, a couple of weeks ago, it all went away. i knew it was too good to be true, a baby who starts sleeping so well so early was bound to give me hell later. and boy oh boy did he. currently we're up at least 3x each night with him. he screams, i feed, brad puts him back in his crib and we wait the hour or so it takes for him to get back up.

combating this terribly exhausting sleep pattern has been so rough, but there are a few things we've done and we are doing that have helped a bit and hopefully will get poor teddy back on track:

six month sleep regression - how to deal

1. stop nursing when he wakes
this was/is absolutely the hardest thing to do. i know that if i just feed him he'll fall right back to sleep and all will be well... until he wakes again. but i also know that he doesn't need to feed in the middle of the night. he's slept so well up until now without middle of the night feedings and continuing to do so only results in solidifying this sleep pattern and a really wet diaper in the middle of the night. which nobody likes (especially brad since nighttime changes are his job). instead, going in the room, shushing him and reassuring him that i'm here and everything is fine is what we're doing. it's truly awful, but it's working.

2. make his bed as cozy as possible. 
we recently moved theodore from his bassinet to the crib which probably didn't help the situation. but this little one is growing like a weed and could no longer fit in our little bassinet! since he's six months old now, i felt comfortable giving him a pillow and putting up a bumper to mimic the feel of the close-quarters bassinet. change while he's struggling with his sleep pattern doesn't do anyone any good, so we're doing our best to make his new environment feel as much like the old as possible.

3. earlier bed time and routine.
little ones at this age need more sleep, not less, so aiming for 11-12 hours per night is best. some days he'd go down for good at 6 and others it'd be closer to 9. william and charlotte have their bedtime routine very regular and teddy sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. that's a major thing we're trying to deal with now and hopefully that helps a lot with the waking at night.

we would love to hear any sleep regression tips and tricks y'all have! i don't remember going through this with william and charlotte (probably blocked those bad memories), and i feel like i'm flying without a net here!