30 Day Caffeine Detox

i quit drinking coffee for 30 days.
here's what happened:

30 day caffeine detox

day one:

i was strong. i woke up, made my green tea and went about my day. around 3pm the headache started which was surprising (i thought i'd get it around 10am or earlier) but i powered through and made it all day without a sip of coffee. feeling great aside from the pounding in my head.

day two:

the headache started around 4pm and i was really itching for a cup of coffee. still determined to see this challenge through so i held off. i can do this.

day five:

the headaches were constant by this point. at the grocery checkout lane, i grabbed one of those tiny cans of coke to get a sugar and caffeine fix. by the time i got home (10minute drive) i was shaking, i felt horribly sick, and had to lay down with the blankets over my head for an hour while the caffeine wore off. i only finished about 4oz of the coke.

day eight:

broke down and had half a cup of coffee at the weekly coffee playgroup at the park. lots of shaking and gitters followed.

the rest of the month went smoothly. i learned my lesson those two times i slipped up and stayed off coffee for the remainder of the month. then teddy started sitting, trying to crawl and teething. and stopped sleeping at night. i gave in to the temptation and my body screaming out for something to keep my energy up through the day (and night) and had a cup of coffee. just one here and there when i felt like i was really dragging and wouldn't make it through the morning without.

today i'm happy to report that theodore has nearly reverted back to his regularly scheduled sleep habits thanks to these tips for dealing with the six month sleep regression, and i'm definitely no longer addicted to caffeine. i do still love a good cup of coffee, but i prefer how my body and mind feel without it. give me green tea and mint over coffee any day. i feel like at heart, i'm still a coffee drinker, but i no longer need it to get through the day.