Theodore is 6 Months Old

what? who do i talk to about slowing down time?

i could go through all of the cliches of motherhood: time goes by too quickly, i can't believe it's already been six months, i can't remember life without him.

and, yes, they're all true. but even more true for this baby. somehow time has slipped far more quickly through my fingers since becoming a mama of three little ones. the squishy newborn stage was so fleeting and now we've moved on to sitting, babbling, rolling, scooting and nearly crawling. gone are the days of snuggling in bed or on the couch watching his little eyes droop closed and nuzzling his head on my chest. as much as i love this stage, watching his little personality start to develop, i miss time with my newborn. 

brad would prefer to have three and four year olds every day while i am totally happy to sit with a freshly born baby for months on end. but seeing theodore grow in to his own little person and grow in to his role in this family has been nothing short of magical. this boy is the happiest baby i've ever seen. anyone who's met him will attest to that. whenever he sees someone he gives this amazing stare and then breaks slowly in to a smirk and then a full on smile. usually followed by laughter. i can already tell this one is going to be a heartbreaker. and a little prankster. he's got that smirk that's just so adorable but you can tell he's got something up his onesie sleeve. i can't get enough of it.

motherhood has taken a sharp turn. the first few months with three i thought it was so easy. i was in my groove and loving every minute of it. but i thrive with newborns. once he started being a little more independent things changed quickly. i'd be lying if i said it was all as simple as it was six months ago, but in so many ways it's better because i have william and charlotte to help and to share in theodore's growth. more often than not, they're more excited about something he's doing than i am. and they'll run around the house cheering and hooting and hollering about his newest development *woooohoooo teddy has a tooth!!!* 

going from two to three was, for me, so much easier than when we brought home charlotte. maybe it's because we were still living so far from family or because william was just 15 months old, but this time around it just feels a lot easier. i know things will continue to change and relationships evolve but if i could just bottle up this time right now and hold on to it a little longer i would. the days are long, and incredibly difficult, but i wouldn't change it for anything. we're thriving as a family right now and it's such an amazing feeling.

happy six months, theodore. 


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