Weekend Links, VOL 1

stuttgart germany home

this summer brad volunteered/applied for a position with the marine corps in germany and, unfortunately, it didn't work out because they wouldn't move the whole family. this week we got news that there may be a need for him there and the ability to move all of us. of course i went straight to the internet to look for houses. i wouldn't mind enjoying a bier in this garten ;) i'll need to brush up on my german (volkswagen, strudel, sauerkraut...)

what are you up to this weekend? we've got plans with a few different pumpkin patches! here's a few links for some weekend reading!


ever been out and about and send your man in to change a diaper only to find there's no changing table in the men's room? not anymore. thanks obama!

as a blogger and entrepreneur, i've read a lot (a LOT) of articles on building an email list and this one from yellow is definitely the best. 

i love when mamas are honest about their postpartum bodies. i also love when brands pick up on the struggle and make clothing just for this difficult time. wit & delight features a new company navel.

the very first blog i read is one you all are probably very familiar with, but i'd be remiss if i didn't share love taza's trip to the white house to chat with michelle obama about her let's move initiative.