Focus on the Mission

lately i've been bombarded with the phrase 'mission statement'. it seems everywhere i turn, someone is telling me to write a mission statement for my business, my family, my marriage, my life. at first it seemed silly. of course i know what all of this means. of course i know my mission ...

but the more i started to ask myself 'what is the purpose of my life? my family? my marriage? my business? my blog?' the answers became a little foggy and incredibly unclear. that's not a very comforting feeling when you consider the magnitude of the communities listed above. so i've been brainstorming, and writing, and talking it out with brad and we're becoming increasingly clear as to what my mission statement is in life, and in smaller organizations such as family and marriage and business. my personal mission statements are a bit, well, personal, but i wanted to share the mission of this blog with my readers because i think it's important to know where i'm coming from, to know where i'm going, and to be transparent about what this space means to me.

the purpose of this blog is to connect with women, mothers or not. to share in a common goal of learning more about the roles of motherhood as it pertains to life, marriage, wellbeing and parenting itself. in the form of a creative outlet, this blog serves as a launching site for women to feel more comfortable and less alone with their thoughts and notions about motherhood. lifting up fellow mamas, and giving hope and inspiration to women who may not be there yet. 

i feel very strongly that this space is not just for me, but for you. when i took a break this summer, i had countless people come up to me (either in person or online) to express their thanks for this space. for giving them a glimpse of my life here and giving them a little piece of community. more often than not, it was single or newly married women without children who were lamenting my absence from this blog. a fact that was confusing and exciting at the time. now i see that by sharing my experiences and philosophies and, just daily routines, i'm sharing a peek at what life as a mother is like and showing women who may not be in my (very comfortable ... okay usually slippers) shoes yet how it's possible to take on this role as mama without completely losing yourself. i even had a friend say to me during this hiatus 'you make me feel like i could actually become a mom one day. i've never felt that way before.' and, if you know me, you won't be surprised when i say that hearing those words brought me to tears.

armed with this mission statement and this new information, i would love if you would take a few minutes to answer a very short survey about content you'd like to see on life by bri. we're in this together and it would mean the world to me to hear your feedback.