Our Bedtime Routine

bedtime routine with 3 littles

coming back from a trip (brad and i were in california last weekend. just us. no kids!), can always throw us for a loop. throw in a time change and three little ones, it's definitely a challenge to get everyone settled and then back on track. this month is full of travel for us which means everyone is a little stressed and exhausted. just a few short months ago i would have let my exhaustion get in the way of everything i did. i'd snap at the kids, be angry with brad, and shirk my responsibilities as a business lady and blogger. 

then i started reading. i read book after book (and 'read' also means listened to on my phone while running) all focused on living a calm, happy, healthy, wealthy life. and like making a mission statement for my blog, i was inspired to create a mission statement for our sleeping habits. it may sound silly, but having a mission and a solid routine has helped in ways i couldn't have imagined. we're all more rested and a lot calmer and happier when bedtime and morning rolls around.

bedtime routine with 3 littles

after dinner is finished, i take theodore upstairs for his separate bedtime routine. he goes to bed about an hour before the 'big' kids which we've found reduces distractions and allows brad and i to have some much needed one-on-one time with each little one. after a quick and very messy bath, i give theodore a little oil massage with our weleda baby oil and get him dressed for bed. one of the best things we've done for bedtime is start using the nested bean sleep sack. it's starting to get pretty chilly at night here and theodore's room is in the coldest corner of the house. not only do we have our heat on throughout the entire house, but when i take teddy up to bed, i turn on a little space heater in his room, tuck him in to his sleep sack and give him a little blanket to hold. he loves his blanket and probably wouldn't sleep as well without it. before i put him down to sleep, we have a little pre-bed feed and snuggle. he goes right to sleep every time. 

bedtime routine with 3 littles

a little while later, once i'm convinced theodore is sound asleep, we head up with william and charlotte. they take a bath together, brush teeth, drink a little water, and get in to their pajamas. each night, i light a candle that glows during our bedtime routine. when we blow the candle out, it's time to sleep. we start in william's room because he has a full size bed and we all snuggle up telling stories and singing songs. usually william will fall asleep during all this and we'll sneak out with charlotte to get her down. she's not as easy ;) 

after five songs (five. every night. in the same order. you are my sunshine last.), she gets to blow out the candle, get tucked in and *usually* falls right to sleep. occasionally she'll peek her head out for a glass of water or an extra snuggle, but usually she's out for the night.

we're not perfect, there's often some frustration or struggle around bedtime, but we've created a little routine for ourselves that makes things pretty painless. i love waking up to a well-rested family and i know our bedtime routine supports a happier day.