november is one of my favorite months of the year. i love thanksgiving, the start of the holiday season, gathering loved ones around a table for good food, wine and conversation. backyard football, crunchy walks. there's such a beautiful sense of community around this time of year. before the stress of the december holidays and the bleak winter that follows. everyone is out and about shopping, cooking, walking and just in a friendly and welcoming state of mind.

community is something that has become more and more important to me in the last few years. becoming a mother thousands of miles away from anyone i knew was isolating and lonely. it was and incredibly challenging. that's when this blog was formed. a way to connect with my family and friends back home and make this motherhood thing a little less lonely. i created a little online community of friends, family, followers, total strangers. some of which have become great lifelong friends. and while my internet community is wonderful, there's something to be said about actually seeing and hearing and touching someone. 

this summer i received the courage and support to go out there and make my own community. bring women together with similar hearts, similar hopes, similar fears and create a space where we could come together in person gathering, laughing, maybe even crying. if i needed this community, surely there were others?

i'm in the midst of planning our third gathering here in dayton, ohio and helping a few mamas in other cities plan their first gatherings. you know when people say things like 'i never imagined this would work out' or 'i never thought it'd be this great'? well, i knew. i knew one warm day in july sitting in a hotel room in denver, ugly crying with a bunch of women who, two days prior were complete strangers. i knew then when i said the words out loud, that this would work. that people are craving community. more than just these online spaces we've carved out for ourselves, but real live warm face to face community. you can't connect with someone online and find yourself ugly-crying with them the following day. that kind of connection comes from actually physically being with somebody.

and so as i start planning our november gathering, i'm reminded again of this thirst for authentic community. for a place to gather and just be. like thanksgiving, another gathering i'm planning, we'll be gathering around the table and sharing stories, laughing, and maybe even a little ugly crying. because community is what we're all craving and making it happen is my biggest dream.