Our Morning Routine

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a regular morning routine is something i'm always working towards. i love the idea of getting up before the sun and before any little ones and enjoying a cup of coffee alone in the silence of this big house and sometimes that idea comes to life and it's beautiful. still, most days i'm being awoken by the sound of charlotte tip-toeing in to my bedroom to wake me up. a friend of mine gets up at 5:30am every morning to exercise, eat breakfast, coffee and shower all before anyone else wakes. #goals

i love getting a peek at the morning routines of other women so today i thought i'd share mine (when everything's going according to plan). or, rather, my ideal morning. what happens when i do everything i plan to do and the stars align and the little ones sleep as usual.

morning routine life by bri

6am a gentle alarm wakes me up and i stretch and sit up in bed. i grab my phone and open up headspace and do a 10 minute meditation to start my day. surprisingly, i don't fall back to sleep while meditating in bed, but i know the temptation is real.

6:10am i wander downstairs to start making my reza's roast coffee and breakfast (oatmeal with blueberries every day). brad's usually puttering around the kitchen at this time getting ready to head off to work so we enjoy a few short minutes together before a goodbye kiss and i'm alone again.

6:30am i try and stay off my phone and emails and social media for at least 30 minutes but since this is the only time in my day where i'm truly alone, i need to get some work done. i usually open up my email first and respond to a few things quickly before moving on to the blog and my business to-do list. scheduling events for oh mama, etc and an instagram post are usually first up then i move on to newsletter email scheduling and, if i can fit it in, i check out a few of my favorite blogs.

morning routine life by bri

7:00am if no one's awake yet, this is when i exercise. i always do a few sun salutations right after i meditate, but this is when i get my sweat on. i've been doing barre3 online for a while now and love the ease of use and the beautiful videos. also it's a great workout that i can do in my living room so there's really no downside. if i'm interrupted by a little one showing up for breakfast, i just hit pause and come back later. not perfect, but whatever works!

7:30am by now everyone else is awake and i shut off the computer and log off my phone. we enjoy some breakfast and go over our day together. i find it much easier to move throughout the rest of the day if we have a little family meeting at the breakfast table. the kids know what to expect and i can get mentally prepared for any outings we may have planned. 


from there it's off to preschool or whatever we have going on that day (snowball fight? scooter races? target?). the power of a regular morning routine is not lost on me. it increases my productivity, creativity and mood so many times over. one of my goals for the year is to get in to this routine daily. i know how much better it makes the rest of the day and it's totally worth it to have an hour or so less sleep.

what's your morning routine look like?