Everything in Moderation

everything in moderation | life by bri

this month i started grad school. i'm officially on my way to becoming a master of nutrition. while not something that was obvious to me growing up or even five years ago, the realm of nutrition has been in the background of so much of my life choices. from becoming a vegetarian at the age of twelve (? 13? 11? whatever it was: very young) and living in a predominately meat-loving household, nutrition has been a struggle ever since. 

there's a new diet or way of eating popping up in my newsfeed almost daily. especially this time of the year. new year new you! new diet! don't eat this! more of that! juice cleanse!

i've tried nearly all of them. not for the sake of losing weight or dieting, but to experiment with different ways of nourishing my body and what works and what doesn't. and while i'm far from being a master, i've learned that the only thing that truly works is moderation.

while this goes for food it also seeps in to other areas of our lives. all areas, really. with the possible exception of love. don't moderate your love. spread that stuff like wildfire. the minimalist trend is in full force and i love it so but it also should come with some moderation.

at the start of a new year, i usually set one or two goals for myself. this year, i bit off more than i could chew. it's not even the end of january and i've already dropped a few of my 'resolutions' or goals for the new year. but trying to do everything and failing, makes me realize what's truly important. what habits or goals i'm actually willing to work towards. what ones i cling to when others slip away. and i've learned that, like nutrition and wardrobes, goals and resolutions are better in moderation.

one of my big loves is filling out forms. is that incredibly strange? i love filling out forms. i love online shopping because i get to fill out a form every time. i love taking surveys, filling out applications, i even love the endless paperwork at the doctor's office. so when new year's rolls around and everyone's shouting to 'sign up for xyz for the new year!' i'm all over it. because i get to fill out a new form. maybe it's the thrill of trying something new, or really i have no idea, but i just love signing up for things and filling out forms. so this year, i went a little nuts and signed up for everything. then, this week, i canceled and unsubscribed from nearly all of the new things i've signed up for.

it's a freeing feeling to have less on my busy plate (hi. we're moving in a month. and there's one million things to do. not to mention 3 babies and grad school.), and while i love filling out forms and miss that excitement, i've found a solution: track your happiness. 

it's an app created by a scientist to collect data for a study on what makes people happy. a few times a day i get a buzz on my phone asking me how i feel and a few follow-up questions. it fulfills my love for survey-taking while not signing up for some ridiculous cleanse, buying something online that i don't need, or joining some club that i'll never participate in. strangely, by agreeing to assist in this man's research on what makes people happy, i am becoming happier.

just a few thoughts for you this gloomy monday night.