Living Big in a Tiny Home

i spend most of my time these days going back and forth between escatic about our upcoming move and totally dreading the move. for one: we're road tripping out west with three little ones and that alone is enough to send my fragile self in to a panic attack. but with brad's confidence i've put that worrying on the back burner. no, lately my biggest concern is size. 

our last home in california was about 800sq ft. and it was fine for a while. but then we had charlotte and charlotte started crawling and walking and suddenly our cute little home was filled to the brim with moving bodies (we still had our 80lb german shepherd and our 12lb golden doodle... 2 adults, 2 babies and 2 dogs) and it was a little hard to handle. 

this time around, we know what we're getting in to. our home will be bigger for sure. anything under 1000sq ft has to either be beachfront (yeah right) or be sitting on an acre of land (probably more laughable than beachfront property). so we plan. and we purge. and i spend my free time looking up 'tiny homes' and how to cope with small spaces. some times i just catch myself scrolling through love taza thinking 'if she can do it, so can i!' because our little ones are around the same ages and our living situations, albeit on opposite sides of the country, are very similar. and pinterest. lots of pinterest.

mostly what it comes down to is this: we made the decision to move back for the lifestyle southern california offers. and for us, that means beach living. with that in mind, we know that we'll have to sacrifice size for proximity to the ocean and we know that we'll have to adjust our home life to fit all five family members. this means unloading over half of our belongings and being extra sensitive with what we bring in to our home. but we know that the quality of the time we spend together as a family far outweighs any time we spend in six different rooms of a 2200sq ft house yelling at each other because we can't find theodore's shoes. *they're in the tiny basket on his bedroom shelf*

i know i'll be sharing more along the way (y'all don't even know how excited i am to VIDEO JOURNAL our road trip!), but for now, i'll ask you the same question i've been asking myself:

can you really live in a tiny house with kids?


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