For the Love of Art

for a long time i was afraid of paint. i thought people who let their toddlers use paint were either crazy or gifted with children who aren't messy. but then i started to do a ton of research and preparation for homeschooling our preschooler(s) and decided to give paint another try. i learned something really special about my children:

they love art.

i always knew william was musically talented. he loves to play any instrument, he's always singing and whistling. but i never knew how much he would love creating art with his hands. and getting charlotte to sit still for more than two minutes at a time has always been a challenge for me but when they sit down with their watercolors it's like they're two different people.

making art together, sitting side by side at the dining room table, their attitudes change. there's a shift in the air from contention to contentment. it's almost like watching a ballet. there's no arguing over who gets what colors, no fighting for the water cup, none of that. it's incredibly peaceful and beautiful and has become one of my favorite parts of the day. 

often, it's difficult to have children so close in age. okay, more often than not. but there's moments like these where everything is right. everything is calm. everything is still. moments where i see their budding friendship, that lifelong love they'll carry with them forever and i know that we're going to be alright.