Makeup Meditation

one of my goals for the new year is to find and start using personal care products and makeup that i didn't find in the sale bin at my local CVS. i've been really careful about what kinds of products i bring in to our home and especially the ones that i use on my body (and on my children) so finding a makeup that worked for me was a really hard task. also because i'm not really a makeup-wearing woman. 

i mostly don't have the time or energy to put on makeup in the mornings. i'll fill in my eyebrows and call it a day. if i'm going out with girlfriends or on a date, i'll step it up a notch and add some mascara and maybe some blush. lately in the mornings, i've been trying harder to get more of a routine going. wake, dress, meditate, coffee or tea, shower, hair, makeup, breakfast, then repeat most of that with the kids when they come fumbling downstairs. it's not a perfect system, and there are still more days than not where i'm rushing to preschool drop off with a hat over my dirty hair and my sleepy makeup-free face. but i want the routine.

i crave the simplicity of making the bed every morning, feeling that freshly-washed face, taking a few extra moments just for myself. those little moments add up through the day. they create space in my mind and my schedule when before there were just more thoughts, more stress, more more more...

by taking the extra time to put on a little makeup in the morning, i'm giving myself a little more space to breathe. to focus on one simple task at a time: wash face. moisturizer & face oil. mascara. eyebrows. blush, eyeshadow, lip sheer. going through the motions, feeling the soft swipe of the blush brush, it makes a difference. and knowing that i'm using the best products on my face, safe ingredients that aren't loaded with chemicals and fragrances and synthetics is just the icing on top of my little makeup meditation.

you can read more about those awesome safe ingredients HERE and if you'd like to find some for yourself there's a social that's closing tomorrow and you can shop HERE or below.