so here we are. nearly a week in to the new year. how are you feeling? where are you at with your resolutions? your goals? your dreams and plans?

me? i'm busy selling more than half of our belongings, meeting with relators and planning our big move. i'm also keeping 3 tiny people alive, starting graduate school, and running a motherhood support community. and yet i'm here writing. every quarter i write a blog post for yellow. it's one of my favorite things to write because these ladies know their way around inspiration. i don't use the word oozing a lot because it's kind of gross, but these yellow ladies OOZE inspiration. it's dripping from everything they touch.

anyway, a blog post i wrote for them was published yesterday and within an hour or so of it going live the responses started flowing in. i don't usually get more than a comment or two on blog posts (in case you're wondering, blog post comments are pretty much a thing of the past which is a little sad to me, but i get it. life moves too fast to stop and comment), maybe a text from a friend or my mom and a few tweets and a whole lotta facebook love. but yesterday i received emails from women from all over thanking me for sharing my story and being brave enough to follow what i know in my heart to be my path.

this week has been difficult for me. i'm sure it's because of the lightening fast move and my never-ending to do list, (i'm seriously not trying to brag about my to do list but i ran out of space in my planner this week! moving cross country with 3 weeks notice is not for the faint of heart) but whatever the reason, i've been on edge. stressed. angry. quick to yell, stomp, just majorly grumpy mama bear.

often when things get like this, when i let life weigh this much on me and let life happen to me, i reevaluate everything in my life. 'why am i even doing this?' 'what does this even matter?' 'do i even like avocado?!' *i do. don't worry. smoothies on the other hand ... i think i like because they're hip and trendy and i'm saying peace out. so i had one of my major meltdowns, let everything out, ugly-cried until i had no more tears to shed and sat in silence for a while. one of the biggest questions i had for myself was why do i do the things i do? outside of motherhood, taking my time and energy away from my family? why is it important and should i quit? 

a few hours later the emails started coming in. and i cried as i read each and every beautiful word these kind strangers took the time to write to me. thanking me for helping them through a difficult time, for speaking right to their hearts, for giving them the courage to do the things they were too afraid to do. and that's why i do what i do. not for myself, but for everyone else out there who needs to read these words. 

in the coming weeks and months, i plan to get very intentional about the content i share here and on oh mama, etc. these spaces are so special and precious to me and i hope to make them even more important this year. i used to think that in order to make new things you had to get rid of the old, but that's no longer the case. this space helped shape the new and letting it go would be a huge mistake. but being more intentional about it's content? how often content appears? those things can and will change. you may see new content less often, but you'll know that the content is better than ever before. more meaningful, more inspirational, and more beautiful. 

cheers to a new year, readers!