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Today begins a new journey. A new adventure and a wealth of new challenges. Today was our first day doing school from home. There are a lot of reasons why we, as a family, choose to educate our children in this way and I can't imagine trying to fit them all in here. 

I want my children develop a love of learning for the process itself; not just for the outcomes.

I want the opportunity and privilege to witness milestones with my children's education. 

I want my children to grow up slowly, in their own time, in their own way, and stay little as long as they need to.

I want to be able to fast forward in some subjects and spend a little extra time slowing down in others.

I want to be able to explore not only the world and people around us, but those far and different and new and challenging.

For me, I mostly want to see that look on their faces when they get a math problem right for the first time, when they draw a perfect letter 'K', when they sound out a new four-syllable word, when they reach the other side of the monkey bars. I want to be the one to experience that joy, that triumph, that empowerment, that pride. Giving that gift away to a stranger feels like tugging out a little piece of my heart. Not only that, but I want them to know I see them. I share in their joy, their triumph, their pride. I celebrate them - we celebrate together. 

I don't know the best way to educate a child. But I know that this is the right way for us in this moment. Maybe it will change and evolve, maybe we'll homeschool until they're ready for college. What I do know is today I got to see my daughter practice writing letters correctly for the first time. I saw the light in my son's face when he retold me the story we just read together. I witnessed the organic play that took place that mimicked our history lesson.