Would You Wallpaper?

i've had a love affair with wallpaper for a while now. the idea of adding a little something extra to a room, texture, print, it's exciting. the trouble is, wallpaper is forever. you have to really commit. i've only committed to a few things in my life (my husband and my children), i can't even commit to a hairstyle. so wallpaper fascinates me and terrifies me. what if i change my mind? what if i hate it in a month? what if what if what if?

i do this with clothing too. with shoes. with bags. i only purchase things that i know i will (or think i will) love for a long time. something that i will go back and buy again when the piece i have gets worn and old. these wallpapers up here are contenders for a few projects i have in mind for our new home. thankfully, a lot of places now make removable wallpaper for renters so if and when i change my mind, i won't be scraping glue off the walls for weeks. i've done that before and it's the pits. 

which is your favorite? would you wallpaper an entire room in your house? or maybe just an accent wall or the back of a closet? 

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