Life Is The Adventure

life is the adventure | life by bri

good luck on your adventure!

i've heard this exclamation countless times in the past few weeks. 'have fun! good luck on your adventure!' seems to be about the only thing anyone can say as we part ways and leave ohio.

at first, i thought everyone was wishing me luck on the great towne family road trip that we're embarking on today. it's sure to be quite the adventure: driving from ohio to california with three little ones. adventure is optimistic. 

an adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered
— G.K. Chesterton
life is the adventure | life by bri

but the more i heard it and the more people i said my goodbyes to, i came to learn that they weren't wishing me luck on the road trip. they were referring to our move to california as the adventure. like our future is an adventure, something fun and exciting and new and temporary. 

our first move to california was an adventure. it was new and exciting and definitely temporary. the marine corps moved us to san diego county and, having only been out west to visit an aunt once or twice before, it was quite the adventure. but now that we're choosing to go back, choosing to make southern california our forever home, it's not the adventure it was four years ago. it's just ... life. 

life is the adventure | life by bri

moving back to create the life we've envisioned for ourselves. moving back to start a journey that doesn't yet have an ending. it may seem, here in the midwest, that california is one big adventure and anyone who sticks around is crazy (i know. that used to be me), but this move for us is the same as any move. no one told me 'good luck on your adventure!' when we moved to ohio. no one called it an adventure when the marine corps sent us to florida. so why, then, is california considered an 'adventure'? something new and unknown to one person (or everyone in dayton, it seems), is just as average as could be to another.

but life. life is the grand adventure. every stop along the way, every diaper change, every haircut, every mundane monday afternoon watching netflix. it's all an adventure if you're brave enough to look at it that way. choosing to treat just the new and exciting and unknown things as adventures is choosing to call those monday afternoons mundane. while netflix may not be new and exciting, the prospect of getting all three children to nap at the same time and allow this tired mama to binge on some west wing is quite the adventure. 

life is the adventure | life by bri

so yes. here's to the adventure i've been on for the past 27 years. here's to new faces and old places and churros on the pier. cheers to life and the great adventure it presents every day. every challenge, every setback, every move. it's all one big adventure.