Have A Good Day

have a good day | life by bri

"have a good day" he says to me as he kisses my cheek and walks out the door to work. 

my work day had started 30 minutes earlier when i woke to feed the baby at 5am. 

have a good day

it echoes through my head as i fill up the tea kettle.

have a good day

as i stir my oatmeal on the stovetop.

have a good day

as the baby wakes back up and my quiet alone time is shattered.

it's just something we say isn't it? "i'll be home at 5, the kids have breakfast set up. have a good day".

but, in this house, for me, 'have a good day' carries extra weight. there are more ho-hum days than good. there are more bad days that i'd like to admit. there are far too few good days. there are good moments, trust me. when i catch william helping charlotte with something instead of yelling at her. when charlotte traces the shape outlines i've drawn for her. when theodore nuzzles his head in the crease of my shoulder and sucks his thumb for a minute. there are good moments. there are great, magical moments.

more often than not, my day is filled with refereeing throw downs between toddlers. wiping noses and behinds. stealing a few precious moments alone in the bathroom ... only to be interrupted by a 3 year old who can't hold her pee (we have 2 other bathrooms. this doesn't matter to her). 

have a good day

it follows me around overhead like a big black cloud. or an anvil ready to drop when the day turns sour. 

he gets home, gives the kids hugs, and asks me how my day was.

"good", i say.