The Beach House Nursery

now that our house in ohio has sold (one week, guys! who needs me to sell their house for them?! ;), it's finally time to look forward to the next place we'll call home. which, as you may know, has been home all along. if you read this recent post about how tiny our new place will be, you'll know that a separate playroom is out of the question. i have loved having a playroom separate from the kids bedrooms (and separate from our formal living room!). i'm all about keeping the bedrooms clean and simple and serene for sleeping. that said, something's gotta give, and as we plan for our new home, what little toys we'll bring with us will find their way in to the bedroom. 

right now we have 4 bedrooms. one for each child and us. our new home will likely be three and maybe even two bedrooms. it's going to be a challenge, but one we're more than willing to accept and make work in our favor. i've been browsing pinterest for weeks trying to find the perfect furniture, layout, and accessories to make this kid's room the best it can be.

so, that's a lot of pressure on one room! but there's something about a bedroom for kids that gets me so excited. no matter what style we choose to go with, no matter how many toys i continually place back in the empty baskets, this is where the magic happens. the dreams, the imagination, and late night chats, the snuggles before falling off to sleep. this is where the magic happens. and i want the room to reflect all of the magic i know it'll be seeing.

we plan to live in this next home for quite some time so finding things that can grow with the kids is essential. we've already decided on bunk beds for the big kids (we're thinking IKEA but if anyone has other suggestions i'm all ears!), and a trundle for theodore when he's big enough if we end up with 2 bedrooms. if we're lucky enough to have 3, he'll get his own room for a while until we're comfortable switching things up and probably putting the boys together and giving charlotte her own room. girls need their space, am i right? 

brad and i stayed up late last night looking at more houses (he's going out there soon to look at them all and put in some applications) and really narrowing down our search and our priorities. i can't stop thinking about pulling the bikes out of the garage and heading out for a beach ride. brad is most (i think) looking forward to playing catch in the backyard, roasting marshmallows on the fire pit and hosting big outdoor birthday parties. the inside of our house clearly doesn't matter nearly as much as what the outside can offer. proximity to the beach and a little grass goes a long way with us. and if that means we'll have to squeeze in to just 2 bedrooms to make it happen, then we'll be glad to do it. this move is not without it's sacrifaces, but what we're getting in return is a life we've been dreaming about.

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