last year saw a big shift in the products we use in our home, and the foods we put in our bodies. not to mention how we spend our time and where we want to spend our future (hence this big fat move in a week and a half!). one of the things i couldn't self-teach was nutrition. i read all the blogs i could get my hands on, read nutrition labels until my eyes were hazy, but i couldn't grasp all of the subtleties of how foods actually nourish the body.

so at the end of 2016 i applied for american university's master of nutrition education program. i'm four weeks in and i'm completely blown away at what i've learned and how much in such a short amount of time. i almost didn't apply. i almost tossed it aside as something that sounded fun and interesting, but wasn't worth my time and energy. then i realized this was not a 'should' in my life. this was a 'must'. something i couldn't just pass up because it would be difficult. i applied because something inside of me was screaming for me to say yes. to go for it and hush my inner critics. to do what i was being called to do regardless of what it would mean for other areas of my life. 

surprisingly, while it is incredibly difficult coursework, i've found pockets of time here and there to get all of it completed plus time to do extra research on each topic as we go. i find the entire subject utterly fascinating and endlessly intriguing. i feel like i'm gushing about a new baby or something when i talk about all that i've learned in just a short amount of time and how amazing it is. i could go on and on and on. but that's how you know you're in the right place. that's how you know that you've made the right decision. that's how you know this is a 'must' and not a 'should'. 

eat food. not too much. mostly plants.
— michael pollan

the biggest takeaway is this: eat food. real food. don't overindulge, don't binge. moderation and diversity are key. change it up, balance your meals with varying colors and sources of food. sounds simple enough, right? because everything is better with balance and everything is better in moderation. i'm far from an expert, but i'm comfortable offering this advice to you today. 


1. eat real food. skip the processed crap.

2. aim for a few different colors on your plate each meal.

3. your plate: 50% veggies & fruit, 25% protein, 25% grains and a splash of dairy.

4. the 'clean plate club' is not one in which you want membership. 

5. food should make you feel good.