What Do You Do?


i get a pit in my stomach when someone asks me 'what do you do?' or 'do you just stay at home with the kids?' or 'do you work outside the home?'

probably the one that irks me the most is the 'just'. i 'just' stay at home. i'm 'just' a stay at home mom. i 'just' work from home. because that 'just'is the ugliest word in the english language. because being a stay at home mom is 'just' something anyone can do. being a stay at home mom is 'just' what a woman is supposed to do when she has children. 


we need to stop using that word altogether. it's dirty. let's put it on a shelf with the 'c' word and the 'r' word and the 'p' word and forget about it. because anyone who chooses, yes chooses, to be a stay at home mom is far more that 'just' at stay at home mom.

now here's the thing: if you do work outside of the home, you have your own struggles, your own concerns, your own words that cause your head to spin, and we want to hear from you too. so please, if you'd like to share your story, send an email to briannatowneblog@gmail.com

okay so back to choosing to be a SAHM. you chose this path because you wanted to stay home with your children and spend these precious young years with them. you chose this because the income from your job wouldn't cover the cost of childcare. you chose this because someone had to stay at home so you and your partner flipped a coin. whatever is is (and trust me, the finances one is a biggie, but still a choice), you chose this life for yourself and for your family. so STOP for the love of our children, STOP belittling it with the 'J' word!

you are a mother. a partner. a chauffeur. a chef. a broker of peace. a housekeeper. a nurse. a secretary. and that's just before lunch. there's nothing 'just' about that. sure, you can do it all in yoga pants and a top knot, but there's nothing easy about this job. 'do you work outside the home?' YES. i work when i'm taking my kids to school. i work when i'm wrangling 3 kids in the grocery store. i work when someone has a fever and we're rushing to the pediatrician. and i work really freaking hard to get the kids out of the chick-fil-a playspace!

so, for all of you reading this who are 'just' a stay at home mama, we want to hear: WHAT DO YOU DO? in your own words, what are the job titles you hold within that precious title of SAHM that gets you through your day? what other roles do you have to take on in order to fulfill the role of SAHM? leave some thoughts in the comments!

you are so welcome here.