2017 Book List

i've ben chasing books lately. i go through these phases of purging and collecting books and we're currently living through the latter. i suppose it flows with my stress levels and changes in our lives. when each of my kids were born i went for more books. when i moved to ohio i loaded up my amazon wishlist. and now, on the cusp of another move, more books.

it's also the beginning of a new year (can mid-february still be 'new year'? i say yes) and with that comes the need for self-betterment. self-empowerment. self-love. self-actualization. whatever that means. it is a time for reflection. for taking stock. for checking yourself. since my birthday is also near the start of the year there's always a lot of taking stock for me. and this year it manifested in getting my hands on as many books as possible. 

i've been rotating through each of these books for the past two months. to be honest, i've only finished one so far. i keep a stack on my nightstand and each night before heading off to dreamland i pick one that suits my mood and read a few chapters. getting back in to the habit of reading for pleasure has been incredibly fulfilling. and since my choices in books are currently in the realm of 'self-help' (although can we call it something else now? i don't need help. i crave inspiration. i want to nod my head YES after reading a passage that sounds like my own life. those kind of books) it's like curling up with a good friend to share my struggles of the day.

i would love to know what you're reading right now! i'm wanting to, once i finish this stack, get back to reading more fiction. more stories. more fun books. i'm going to be reading little women to the kids on our road trip next week and i'm so excited!