Life in Pictures

life has been a bit slower over here lately. i've been reading every book i can get my hands on about slowing down, taking the time, minding the gap. i've also picked up some new habits (waking up at 5:30am before the little ones tiptoe downstairs) and new hobbies. 

about a month ago i started a weaving and now i've completed three! i've been sending them out to friends in different cities around the country and it's so incredibly fulfilling to create something with my hands and then give it away. i've also started watercoloring with the big kids when they have their art time. this used to be a little pocket of alone time where i could sip another cup of coffee and look on and say 'oh' and 'wow' and 'that's some great work'. but now that i'm in it with them, giving my creative muscle a little flex, i get so much more out of it. we all do. 

in the past month we put our house on the market, sold it (in 6 days), and moved half of our belongings out of the house via either craigslist or goodwill. after today we'll be without a couch. the dining room table is gone and has been replaced with one a quarter it's size that hardly takes up any space in the giant and now empty dining room. the coffee tables and side tables have been sold, and nearly half of all of our wardrobes have been donated. i can't say i'm sad to see any of it go, but it is a little eerie to walk through this almost empty house. i catch myself surprised to see the tiny table in the dining room, looking for the rest of charlotte's pants ('oh right we gave those away'), reaching for something from the printer table only to remember that the printer now resides on the floor under my desk (one of 3 desks we still own ... and the only one we want to keep). 

to say it's been a strange couple of weeks would be an understatement. thankfully (and horrifyingly, because #globalwarming), there have been little pockets of warm weather and sunshine so we can get out of the house and enjoy the fresh ohio air a few more times before we're stuffed in a car for 10 days. i really hope to get a little video journal going for this massive road trip of ours but rest assured, there will be plenty of photos and tips for how we're surviving (if we survive ... )

PS you can get teddy's favorite book (to eat ...) on amazon HERE. it's called chasing slow and it's incredible.