what kind of underwear do you wear? i haven't purchased new underthings since getting pregnant with william. that was over 5 years ago. this year, i plan to toss everything and start fresh. and then madewell sends an email about the new intimates collection and it's like the universe knew that i needed to get started on revamping my underwear collection ;) 

i used to be a cotton boy short girl. give me comfy and cozy every day. but then i became a mama and traded jeans for leggings and play dresses and those thick lines started to show. don't even get me started on bras. i don't remember what kind i used to wear but now it's all nursing bras and sports bras. function over form. function over fashion. function over comfort. nursing bras are not at all comfortable (in my experience. if you have suggestions, i'm all ears). 

 i'm going with lace this time around. i have a couple of pairs and they're always my favorite. lace panties, lace bralettes. they're just as comfy as those big cotton boy shorts and way cuter. and even though no one will see them but me, it's nice to have something under wraps that's cute. just for yourself. not everything has to be splashy and in-your-face and out there for everyone to see. sometimes, and i would argue most times, it's nice to keep some things close. some things quiet. some things special. yes, i'm wearing the same yoga pants i wore yesterday and yes, i have a giant old notre dame sweatshirt on over my plain white tee, but my panties are lace and beautiful and, damnit, they match my lace bralette and i feel like a million bucks under here.