The Road Trip | Part One

last week brad and i loaded up our jeep, emptied out our house, and began the most epic road trip. with three little ones, i'll admit i wasn't too excited about the prospect of being in a car for 7 days. stopping at drive-thrus staying in cheap hotels, cramming everything we needed in the car. 'i need my triangle blanket!' 'teddy can't sleep without his pillow' 'let's bring the big cooler just in case'

there were some bad moments. some really horrible moments. but i have to admit, i was wrong. my expectations were far surpassed and i laughed harder, smiled bigger, loved deeper than i ever have on this trip. this trip of a lifetime. for all of the awful moments throughout the drive from ohio to california, there were 4 more amazing moments. and however frustrating it got, there was always something to look forward to.

i'll share more of how we managed in the future, but i wanted to check in and say we made it safe and sound to our new home. the original hardwood floors in our beach cottage are already covered with sand that didn't quite make it off of our feet on the walk back from watching the sunset over the ocean. there's salt in our hair and i've already found my new favorite coffee shop (conveniently located around the corner from the house). we don't have any furniture and have no idea when the moving truck is coming but we've checked out a few old favorite restaurants and tried a couple of new ones and you guys: everything's going to be okay.

i'm bursting with excitement and inspiration and words but i can't right now find a way to put them all together. my thoughts and feelings are as jumbled as the air mattress i'm sleeping on but in time, i'll figure out how to get those out for you to read. and for myself to look back on and remember this amazing trip.