Take The Time

check the weather on iphone - 1 minute

open closet and stare blankly at the clothes hanging - 3 minutes

check the weather again - 30 seconds

walk outside for a minute to really check the weather - 1 minute

look at closet again - 2 minutes 30 seconds

dig out jeans and put them on - 1 minute

check myself out in the mirror. decide on different jeans - 2 minutes

put on jeans - 1 minute

pick out top. change mind. pick out different top - 2 minutes

grab a jacket & some accessories - 1 minute


how long does it take you to get dressed in the morning? even with a very small amount of options in my closet (i'm at about 30 give or take), there's still the wardrobe roulette happening each morning. from 'what's the weather like' to 'how cute do i want to look', there are a dozen questions that go through my mind when staring at my closet. when cladwell asked me what i would do with an extra 15 minutes every morning and no more stress of getting dressed, i hoped on board and started thinking about how i'd spend that time.

day one:

stroll around the corner for a cup of coffee (we were out at home)

day two: 

play a rousing round of hide & seek

day three:

make waffles for breakfast instead of just a bowl of oatmeal

the new outfits app by cladwell is quite possibly the coolest thing on my phone (sorry, instagram). here's how it works:

let an app dress you in 4 easy steps

load everything to your closet | this part is a little time-consuming and requires standing in front of your closet and finding things that match in the app. while i'm still searching for how to add overalls to the app's closet, i've found a match for everything else*. from t-shirts to shoes, dresses and outerwear, they've really got everything covered.

*it's not an exact match. the flower printed dress in my closet is not the same as the flower printed dress on the app. but close enough to know what it's referring to

pick your outfit | each day, your phone will give ya a little notification letting you know your outfits are ready. open up the app and you'll find 3 combinations picked from your closet complete with shoes and whatever outwear needed (it syncs to the weather in your area!).

log your choice | when you've picked your outfit for the day, click 'log' and it'll save it. this is the really cool part: you can look at what items you've worn recently and in your closet, you can see what percentage of clothing you've worn. this is particularly useful if you're going for a minimalist lifestyle and trying to weed out unused items in your closet. after a month or so, check out what pieces you haven't worn yet and toss 'em in storage!

get dressed & spend your 15 minutes doing something else | i'll admit i was a little weary about letting an app dress me. i've been using it for 5 days now and i'm astonished at how simple it is and how much i love it. the 3 options are always on point and i love that i can add whatever accessories i want to juice up an otherwise plain outfit if i want. 

how would you #takethetime? 

you can download the outfits by cladwell app HERE 


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