Blank Walls

blank walls | life by bri

our home right now is full of blank wall. white, bare, empty. we've begun the process of hanging a few things: my hats, a shelf, a gallery wall. there's so much more that's still laying on the floor, behind the couch, tucked in closets that could go up on those walls. 

it took nearly a year for me to start hanging things on the walls of our last house. the permanency of it all frightens me a bit, i think. putting nails in the wall, making sure everything is perfect, that i'll love it in a week, a month, a year. we plant to be in this little beach house for a long time. we signed a 2-year lease and i can imagine us here much longer than that.

but still, blank walls.

blank walls | life by bri

brad said something the other day that stuck with me:

we need something in this room to absorb the sound.

that sentence has been rattling through my head all week. do we? do we need something to absorb the sound? to we need to dull the echoes of our children's screams? cries? laughter? do we need to put up photos and tapestries and lay down rugs to absorb their sounds?

blank walls | life by bri

obviously from a practical standpoint: yes. theodore takes two naps a day and when that first nap happens, everyone's still milling around the house finishing up breakfast, playing games, listening to music, playing hide-and-seek. our sounds echo through the house with our blank walls and it would give everyone a little peace of mind to have something to absorb it.

but for the most part, i like blank walls. they're a little reminder that there's space here. there's space in our home (albeit small), space in our hearts, space in our world for each other, our possessions, our thoughts and, yes, our sounds. i love a good quiet time just as much as the next girl (and probably a bit more #introvert), but i love the sounds that come from this family.

the sounds that reverberate off of these blank walls make my heart swell. my senses heighten, my heart races, and more than once i've been moved to tears from those sounds (happy good tears). we'll hang things as we get to them. one by one, pieces will go up on the wall, the white will be covered a bit. 

but we'll leave some space for us.