The Road Trip | Part Two

joshua tree is like visiting another planet. that's what brad kept saying while we were there. the trees, the rocks, the everything were like nothing i've ever seen before. it was a particularly chilly day and we were lucky we had brought along our winter coats and hats leftover from ohio. it was cold and windy and it actually started to drop buckets of rain on us shortly after we climbed up these rocks. and while we could have turned back and made a run for the car, we had learned from this trip that we were stronger than that.

this was the last stop on our week long road trip. we had been to a handful of states, parks, museums, and our fair share of weather. it seems as though the cold winter wind had followed us all the way across the country to the west and we finally got caught in the rain in the desert of all places. if we had encountered the wind and rain on our first stop, i think the whole trip would have been worlds different. but when the skies finally got dark enough and the clouds opened up, we were prepared. 

we braved the rain and the wind and the cold for an adventure in the desert. and, with three kids, we lasted a whole lot longer than i would have ever imagined. ever thought possible. you see, i've never been very strong or brave or resilient. resilience has been alluding me for years. like all 27 of them. but during our stint in ohio and this adventure of a road trip, i think i figured out how to get a little resilience for myself.