April Fund Freeze

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the move is over, the road trip memories are being replaced with new ones, the weeks of takeout and restaurant-hopping are behind us. and the bank account has paid the price (pun intended). while this move has been our least-costly yet, it's still put our budget way out of wack. budget? i forgot we even had one of those. between running out for a shower curtain and 'wait we don't have any almond milk' and re-working our belongings to fit in the new space (seeing all my money go away when i hit 'buy now' on that sleeper sofa. a must-have for sure though), any sense of budgeting has gone out the window. i'm honestly stressed out a little when i see a package on my doorstep. 'what did i even buy this time?' 

back in july we did a fund freeze and it was incredibly eye-opening. so many things i hit 'add to cart' and never purchased. that was my way of cheating the system a bit. add to cart and save for next month. but when august rolled around, i didn't want those items in my cart anymore. *delete*

this month is kind of a test. a test to see what things are non-negotiable: preschool, dance class, groceries, rent, photoshop, and what things we can add: pilates, date nights, music lessons

it's also a great way to reset after a big move and big changes in our lives. i'm still navigating the grocery with my new eating habits (read more on that HERE), and working out a new regular grocery budget. trying to find a pilates or yoga studio that is affordable and amazing is nearly impossible so freezing extraneous spending will help a lot in deciding which place i can visit regularly to get my sweat on.

so if you want to follow along, i'll be sharing some #aprilfundfreeze tips and challenges on instagram so make sure you're following over there. and if you want to join in the fun (i promise it'll be fun!), use the hashtag #aprilfundfreeze and we can cheer each other on!