Fund Freeze Tip: What To Do When You Buy

april fund freeze | the slip-up

we're coming up on the halfway mark! have you had a slip up yet? don't worry, i have too.

i realized last week that easter and theodore's birthday were fast approaching and i hadn't planned anything. cue major freakout and browsing etsy for the perfect gifts. after the confirmation emails started dropping in to my inbox *thank you for your purchase*, i started to feel incredibly guilty. like i was a huge failure. like i failed myself and my husband and my readers. 

it would have been easy to wallow in self-pity (and then scrap the whole thing and go buy those pants i've been eyeing), but here's what i did instead.

tally up all the spending i've done this month that wasn't supposed to happen. anything non-sanctioned by the freeze:

1. easter basket goodies for the kids: $125

2. birthday gifts for theodore: $55

3. a binder and dividers: $13

4. treats for the kids to keep them quiet while i browsed target for the aforementioned binder: $6

TOTAL SPENDING: $199 ouch.

step two is to figure out where that money can come out of your budget (the $ you've allowed yourself to spend this month):

for me that means to cut down on groceries (get creative with leftovers, check the back of the pantry for forgotten canned items, toss anything on some lettuce and call it a salad)

step three is to make more money:

sell a few gently loved clothing items on a site like thredup

if you have a blog, put together a quick guide for your readers covering something you're an expert in and sell it

if you're an artist, sell a few more paintings

if you're a business owner, put on your hustle hat and get those sales up!

have a garage sale, instagram sale, bring unused kids toys/clothing to a consignment shop

while that $199 looks like a lot now, i'm determined to get it back to zero by cutting a little from the grocery budget and making a little more money than expected this month. the biggest thing to remember when you fall off the fund freeze wagon is not to give up. hop back on and keep riding. even if you don't make up everything you accidentally spent, you'll feel better when april 30th rolls around and you have all that extra savings in your bank account.

if you need a little refresher or missed the last fund freeze post click on an image below!