Do Less ... But Better


there is no way to do it all or have it all. it simply doesn't fit. can't fit in to a single life. 

having multiple passions and hobbies and ideas is fantastic. but acting on them all and expecting each one to take you somewhere is a fallacy. there's just no way. being pulled in 15 different directions means you do 15 things kind of well. you can't do it all. neither can i.

i sat down this weekend and made a list of everything i do, everything i want to do, everything i love to do. surprisingly (or perhaps not so), the thing i do and things i love to do didn't match. so how to weed out the extra fluff and really focus on what i love?

if it's not a hell yes, it's a no.

i took a quick look at everything and if it didn't immediately spark some joy i crossed it off the list. it was liberating and exciting to watch all of those things be quickly and easily removed from my life. without judgement or anxiety or thinking too much at all i drastically reduced the amount of stress in my life while equally increasing the free time in my life.

a few things that stayed:

writing for me, not for 'work'
motherhood (obviously)

a few things that didn't:

monthly gatherings
countless conferences, workshops, meet-ups

as ruthless as i was in my cutting, there were still a few things that i left in a 'maybe' category. a few things that were a HELL YES when i began them but are now a little weighty. but those things haven't been around long enough to really assess their importance in my life so they'll stick around in the back for a while without fully being kicked to the curb. i'd love to just cut them loose but after being married to a maximizer for nearly 6 years, 'keeping my options open' is starting to rub off on me.

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