Wild Explorers

about a mile from our little beach cottage is a wilderness park. i honestly don't know how big it is, but i can say i haven't seen it all ... yet. living in such a big city (even if it is a 'beach town') means that exploring nature doesn't happen beyond watching the waves crash onto the shore and shooing away seagulls (not that i'm complaining). but when we take the kids to the wilderness park it's like a whole other world. everything else falls away; even if we can still see the city from the hilltops. the stress of traffic, deadlines, work schedules, getting to activities on time all seems to disappear when we cross the threshold of that park. it's not the lush green parks i visited as a child, it's not the riverbed where i went to college, but it's a new sort of beautiful that i'm finally coming to appreciate.

this particular trip i managed to remember the cannon and tried my hand at video. i've been wanting to play around with it for a while now and finally made it happen! it's a little rough, a little shaky, and a little unfinished but i smile every time i watch it and i know i'll keep this one forever. it's all the way at then end so don't miss it!