Failure. And Starting Over


well, it's nearing the end of april and i've completely failed at our fund freeze. one little purchase (coffee) lead to another and another and a snowball effect has left this no spend month in the dust.

but today i read an interview with a woman who didn't buy any new clothes or accessories or shoes for a whole year. if i can't even last one month, how can she go a year? but instead of feeling down-in-the-dumps, like a complete failure, hiding behind this virtual wall between us; i'll own up to it. and i'll start over.

i don't know if i can or want to do an entire year, but i'll stop buying clothing and accessories and shoes, etc for the next 3 months (may, june, july). *i reserve the right to purchase one pair of shorts for the summer because i don't currently own any.* 

i'll be documenting the whole thing on here, and start to share some outfits posts to hold myself accountable and share how i'm being creative with my current wardrobe as the days get a little warmer. it'll be a challenge for sure, but one i'm excited to try. this 'no clothing' thing goes for my children too! anyone else guilty of walking in to target and picking up a cute girl's top or a new baby outfit because it's right there staring you in the face screaming 'BUY ME!'? i know i am. 

i know there are some of you out there doing your own april fund freeze and i would love to hear how it's going for you! if you've kept it up, fallen off the wagon, somewhere in between? if you want to join in the freeze for the next 3 months, be sure to hop on our email list because that's where some major updates will be coming from!