Shopping My Closet - The Blue Dress

Shopping my closet - the blue dress

i own 40 pieces of clothing. clothing for everyday wear. there's a handful of running/yoga/pilates clothes in the bottom of my closet that aren't included in that count. but, 40 pieces is what i have. about half of what i own fall in to the dress category. i love dresses. they make me feel feminine and flexible and playful. dresses that are both fun and functional are at the top of my list. 

while i usually gravitate towards cotton, this silky blue number caught my eye while perusing thredUP a while back and couldn't say no. i wore it on a trip to LACMA with the family and then it sat in the back of my closet because it was 'too fancy' for everyday wear. 

who says?

who says anything is 'to fancy' or 'too casual' or too anything for any time of day? not me. not anymore.

so on a regular tuesday morning, i looked at the outfits app on my phone and saw the blue dress had been picked out for me. i almost swiped past it looking for a slouchy cotton dress or a pair of jeans but something stopped me. why not? this particular day involved all of the regular activities: morning walk by the beach, preschool drop-off, writing during nap time, preschool pickup and rolling around on the floor with anywhere from 1 and 3 children. and you know what? it wasn't 'too fancy'. it was perfect. we've got to stop putting ourselves and our clothing in categories. we've got to get rid of dress codes for those 'regular' days. i'm just as happy in my blue dress than i would be in jeans and a tee. 

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necklace - noonday collection | dress - madewell, old. similar here and here | shoes - target, old. similar here and here