Fund Freeze Tip: Add To Cart

April Fund Freeze | Life By Bri

if you're like me, and the thought of venturing to the local mall with 3 little ones in tow makes you feel a little sick, and finding the time to shop alone is, well, impossible, then i'd guess you're a frequent online shopper. during a fund freeze (need a refersher? check out this post), it's easy to avoid the in-person spending triggers. no rolling up to the drive-thru on the way home from preschool drop-off, no target runs, no swinging by the coffee shop on the way to the beach. and by 'easy' i mean, you really have to know you're breaking the rules when you make one of these stops. getting in the car, finding a parking spot, lugging the kids out. there's any number of times you can stop yourself from making this stop, breaking the freeze, spending your dollars. 

online shopping, however, is an entirely different animal. the internet is teeming with neat gadgets, new things, and well, everything you could ever want or need to buy. our inboxes are bombarded daily with emails saying 'buy this!' 'check out the sale!' 'give me all your money!' and everything on instagram is like a sneaky spending trap. though, not so sneaky. this is where, my fellow fund freezers, we get in trouble. 

you know that feeling you get when you hit 'purchase' on your iphone? the one full of excitement, relief, and anxiety? well you get just as much excitement and relief by simply hitting 'add to cart' and walking away. plus none of that pesky anxiety and no actual money spent. it's like getting that shopping high without actually shopping. 'add to cart' is one of my favorite things to do. 

most stores these days use cookies which is internet speak for tracking your information. it means that when you add something to your cart, even if you're not signed in to an account or something, it'll save it for you for next time. but if you want to make sure, click on over and make an account on any site you're itching to shop on. just be sure to uncheck the little tricky box that says something like 'yes, sign me up for all of your sales-y emails. i can't wait for you to take all of my money'. you don't need that temptation in your life. once you have an account, or have simply made sure you have cookies enabled, you can shop to your heart's content! without spending a penny.

at the end of the freeze, if you're still pining over those pinstripe cropped pants from madewell (recently added to my cart), by all means hit 'purchase' and you'll feel that great feeling of excitement and relief without the anxiety! why? because you delayed the money being drained from your bank account, you thought really hard about the purchase and what it would mean for your bottom line, and you decided to do it anyway. that cooling off period during the freeze helped you realize that, yes, you really do need those pants in your life and yes, you're totally willing to wait through a fund freeze to get them. 

more often than not, however, you won't even remember to check all those online carts you added items to. one day, after the freeze is over, you'll be on amazon looking for that book everyone's talking about on instagram and when you go to check out you'll see everything that you added to your cart during the freeze. and, again more often than not, you'll either 'save for later' or 'remove' because you've realized during your cooling off period, that the thrill of putting them in your cart was enough and you don't actually need anything else. you may even walk away from that book you were going to buy. or, at least, leave it in your cart for a while to think it over.