Building the Garden

i've been planning our raised garden for months. sketching a layout, drawing up building plans, researching kinds of soil. then life happened and all of that went off track. our seedlings perished waiting for the bed to be built and we had to start over. and over. 

i love to make plans and yet, they often fall by the wayside. but this garden is something that i was determined to make happen. even if it meant eschewing my DIY goals to get it done. enter: amazon prime. yes, friends, i ordered a raised bed kit. it came in 2 big boxes and didn't require any tools. then i headed to lowe's with my jeep to get the 9 giant bags of raised bed soil on my own. thankfully, my sister was around to help me unload them from the car and pour in to the garden bed. 

that bed sat empty for at least a week while we waited for the seedlings to be ready to plant. a big box full of dirt mocking me for taking the easy way out. but done is better than perfect. and this bed is done. i built it myself with the help of amazon, my kids and my sister. and that's OK. i didn't cut the wood or stain it or get the fancy organic soil from the nursery like i planned. i didn't go to the compost fair on earth day, i didn't even get the special seeds i wanted. but i did it. i planted my first real garden. 

after a while we'll be harvesting carrots and beets and radishes. we'll be sending the kids out to collect basil leaves for pesto, thyme for pizza, sage for homemade brown butter. we don't need perfection. we just needed it done. 


i ordered this kit from amazon. i got 2 sets and stacked them. half of the bed is 24 inches tall to make room for the root vegetables and the other half is 12 inches tall for herbs and smaller veggies.

we used this soil from lowe's. everyone is incredibly helpful there so i just told them what i needed, how much, and they loaded it all in the car for me (with some rearranging of car seats and the stroller i forgot to remove before i drove over).

our bed is on concrete so we needed the taller bed and lined the bottom with cardboard before adding any soil (the boxes that the kit came in worked perfectly as a liner!).

i picked up seeds from the air force base exchange but these are fine and you can order them on amazon with the kit ;)

the seeds we planted in an empty cardboard egg carton and kept inside on the windowsill until they were ready to place in the garden. 

i'm sure there are more perfect ways to do it. we may not have any luck with our garden this year. but i'm learning that, especially with little ones, it's not about the end product. it's about teaching your kids how to grow things, how to make things with their hands, get dirty, live simply. it's about watching their eyes light up when they see something green popping out of the dirt. letting them dig their own holes with their own shovels, their own gloves. it's about the journey, the process. it's about watching things grow.