Girl's Night In

How often do you gather your girlfriends for a night of pampering? Once every few months? Once in a blue moon? How about once a month? 

Part of being generous this month is being generous with my friendships. I've been meeting as many new people as I can in our new/old town and working hard to cultivate friendships. It's not easy for me; I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a very good friend. But it's something I'm working hard to change. It's not easy for me to plan playdates, or just meet someone and walk away. I want to have something planned, on the books, a concrete event where I can say "hey, I'm having some people over Friday night and I'd love for you to join us!" Simple as that. 

It's way easier than stalking someone at the park for months and waiting for the stars to align for an opportunity to make plans to see each other. Having a monthly girl's night ready to go is a quick and easy way to always have something to invite a new friend to!

There's a lot of fun and simple ways to create a little girl's night: backyard BBQ, a fire pit and a couple bottles of wine, facial party, brunch. Summer is just ripe for quick outdoor gatherings that don't have to be complicated or involve fancy anything.

I love sharing my Beautycounter stash with friends. It's a fun way to pamper ourselves over a mimosa or sparkling water and get a little deeper with each other. There's something special that happens when women pop over in yoga pants, wash off their makeup and are all sitting around in different colored facial masks. How much are we hiding behind our eyeliner and skinny jeans? How deeper could we connect if we purposefully let all of that go for an evening and just sat with each other? Sharing our stories, our worries, our hopes, struggles? Let our hair down, our guard down, and see what we're hiding under the surface. All while getting a healthier skincare routine? Count me in!

To make things simple for anyone wanting to host their own makeup-free yoga pants party, I have a handful of care packages ready to go. I've included a cleanser so you can wash the week off of you, little bottles of facial masks & mists to refresh yourself and look really silly with your friends. Also included is a simple beautiful invitation that you can email or text to get the word out. 


I have 5 girl's night care packages ready to mail out! Enter your info below and you'll receive an email within 48 hours with shipping details & invitation files and you'll be having your girl's night by the end of the week (or whenever you want)!

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*FYI: As a bit of an activist, I fell hard and fast for how clean and strict BeautyCounter is with their product ingredients, as well as how effective they have been on my skin, hair, and makeup routines. I decided to become a consultant which I swore I would never do, but only because I get to be a part of a really amazing team of women and make a small impact on the skincare world! The product discount doesn’t hurt either ;) Feel free to email me if you have any questions about the products or if you want to inquire about joining the movement!