A Simple Evening

Entertaining is something I love to plan for. Making a menu, gathering linens and napkins, creating a tablescape. But when it comes to execution, I often falter. Actually pulling it all together and not letting my social anxiety cancel plans? That's a whole other story. So when I as asked to share a bit of backyard entertaining I knew it would be incredibly exciting while at the same time, incredibly difficult. 

Instead of a big elaborate backyard bash I had in my head, I switched gears. I listened to what my body, my soul, my brain needed and instead made Sunday night dinner at home a little more exciting. We dined outside, put on a little music, and stayed up a little too late. An evening with friends is fantastic, but making an evening with family just a little more special? That's what we needed.

With a little bit of effort, it's surprisingly simple to pull together a fun evening. We partnered with Personalization Mall and had the added bonus of fun summery beer glasses and a tub that would otherwise be filled with ice and drink but Theodore found it and decided he'd rather use it for his seat. A special evening or gathering doesn't have to include fancy linens or dishes. You don't have to include 4 courses and wine pairings and a 3-layer dessert. But a nice slate cheese board doesn't hurt ;) 

Recipe for a simple evening:

  • 1 night to treat a little special
  • A sprinkle of drinks
  • A splash of good food
  • A few good friends or family
  • And if you're feeling fancy, these gifts from Personalization Mall

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