Use Your Voice - Find Beauty

a few weeks ago i spent 5 glorious days in brooklyn with some of the most amazing women i know for wild hearts conference. we spent hours listening to inspiration, motivation, and just pretty dang incredible stories and i left not only filled with intention but with a whole new outlook on friendship and beauty.

i honestly can't put it in to words yet (although i was pulled on stage for a hot second to talk about my experience with wild hearts weekend and gosh that was so incredible to be able to share with a room full of dreamers!), but something that's stuck with me since was from ruthie lindsey. if you haven't heard her story i really REALLY urge you to read it HERE or better yet, go see her speak! honestly, i had been holding in tears (i cry a lot OK?) the entire conference but when ruthie took the stage i couldn't keep them in any longer. 

but it wasn't just her story or the way she told it that moved me; it was one little phrase that i wish i could quote but it was when you see something beautiful, say it out loud. even if you're alone, even if you're in a group, even if you don't think anyone else will agree with you. when you see beauty, say it. beauty in a person, a sunset, a flower, an event, a freaking pile of french fries. we are constantly surrounded with beauty that we don't acknowledge. and i think we're doing ourselves a serious disservice. 

by not announcing beauty, we push it under the rug, take it for granted, and eventually, we may forget about everyday beauty that's always around us. i've been making a point to take out my cannon more often around the house, on outings, wherever. so i can capture more of that beauty i see every day and i can look back and say 'omg that's so beautiful'. my children playing together in the woods? so freaking beautiful. brad taking a few pictures of me chilling out on a tree? so freaking beautiful. 

say it say it say it. out loud. even if you're driving home and turn a corner and see a sunset. you're totally alone and no one can hear you. SAY IT. there's an incredible power in our voices even if we're the only ones to hear them. use you voice. notice beauty. acknowledge it. every day. all day. because you never know who's listening and who needs to hear it. who needs their attention brought to that beauty. who needs that reminder.