The Beach House | Living Room

We've been in our home back in Redondo Beach for nearly 6 months now so I thought it was time to start a little tour. The living room is honestly where we spend the least amount of our time. It's usually just dance parties, music 'lessons', and a walkway to other parts of the house. 

While we don't particularly spend loads of time in here I still wanted to make it as cozy and visually appealing as possible. There are things I'd like to change (getting rid of the blue couch and replacing it with a couple of chairs, for example), but I did a lot of rearranging and decorating to make it what it is today. I read recently that when a room is "finished" it's dead. And I agree. As much as I'm itching to have a room totally finished and perfect it wouldn't be any fun anymore. I love rearranging furniture, adjusting decor, finding new places, replacing old. It's something that truly brings me joy. So having any room in my home 'finished' would suck all of the fun and joy out of it. We might as well just move! (kidding. never doing that again.)

This room has a very strange layout. It's a long rectangle with a hallway off one long side and the kitchen a little further down. On the back end theres the french doors to the master bedroom and windows on the opposite. It's also got a few extra sq ft where it opens to the hallway and kitchen that leaves a little awkward space where 3 doorways all open in to each other. It's not big enough for any furniture but too big to just ignore. That little hanging plant on the heater up there? That's what we're choosing to do with the space. Fill the heater (we don't use it) with hanging plants, add a tree to the side and make it a little indoor greenhouse. Plants literally breathe so much life in to a space, gathering a few is a great way to fill awkward corners!