The White Tee


A while ago I spilled coffee on my one white t-shirt. It was about 5 years old from the GAP and honestly I think it was a friend's that either got left at my place or I borrowed and never returned or something. Either way, I've never purchased a plain white tee. So when I spilled coffee on it and couldn't get out the stain, I had no idea where to look for a replacement. 

The white tee is like the backbone of my wardrobe. White tee, jeans, sandals, hat. It's the quintessential 'Bri' outfit. But in recent years I've been increasingly conscious about where I spent my money and energy and what companies I support. I knew that I wasn't about to head back to the GAP to get a replacement so I spent a few days researching, asking around, and checking out some new sites for the perfect white t-shirt. 


Before I spill the beans on where I ended up getting mine from, here are the guidelines I was working with:

1. The perfect length. Not too long, not too short. It has to look good both tucked and untucked with a little bit of breathing room but not like I'm wearing a tunic.

2. Heft. I don't like super heavy tees but it also can't be so thin that it shows my bra. I'm still working with mostly maternity/nursing bras these days just because I haven't gotten around to updating my underthings, and those are pretty hefty so the tee has to cover up the unmentionables. 

3. Neckline. I love a good v-neck and that was what my previous white tee was. I could have gone with something a little different but too high on the neck really bothers me and too low doesn't do the job of covering those really cute nursing bras I mentioned earlier.

4. Fit. I like a little bit of wiggle room but not so much that I'm swimming in it. I'm a slender person, incredibly flat-chested, so the whole baggy trend doesn't really jive with my body type. I can pull it off on some days when I'm feelin' it, but for a basic white t-shirt, it needs to be, well, basic.


And the winner is ...


I actually have a couple tops from Everlane but never went in on the basic v-neck. It's hard to buy basics, ya know? They're - basic. So spending money on them as opposed to something a little more exciting for some reason is difficult for me. But with Everlane's $15 price point and transparent pricing I was sold. I actually bought 2.